Inflatable Products Instruction

Bounce House Instruction

Instruction Manual & Safety Guide

Thank you for your purchase of our InflatableZone inflatable Jumper/Slide. This device is designed for any one, or a combination of, the following: Bounce, Slide, Climb and/or interactive play. Your Inflatable is designed for safety and durability. In order to ensure safe play, and maximize the life of your inflatable, read all instructions carefully before use.

InflatableZone inflatables are designed for continuous airflow. This means that pin holes, bubbles and air leakage are required for proper function. While the item has specific weight and user recommendations, always monitor usage. Differentiation in the weight and play habits of users may affect capacity. For power requirements, please refer to the specifications listed on the Motor(s)/Blower(s) included with your device. The quantity and power ratings of the blowers required will be included with the inflatable kit, and will be indicated as well by the quantity of inflation tubes on the device. InflatableZone inflatables generally require at 1HP motor, and inflation must be firm to the touch. For the latest motor specifications for a specific device, please refer to our air blower instruction, or contact us at

Safety Precautions 

InflatableZone inflatables incorporate numerous safety features. Always obey safety precautions listed within these instructions and on the warning label. If a child’s actions appear unsafe for the child, or the inflatable toy, cease behavior immediately. This is an electrically operated product, so all precautions should be taken to prevent electric shock. This inflatable device must be set up and monitored by at least one trained adult operator at all time. The unit must be properly anchored at all times, and the addition of sand or water bags to the stakes is recommended. DO NOT OPERATE THIS PRODUCT IN WINDS OVER 15MPH, or in any extreme or wet weather conditions. Always inspect and log inspection results before operation of your inflatable device.

This instructional manual does not purport to account for all safety guidelines associated with use and operation of the product. It is the operator’s responsibility to establish and follow safety protocol associated with the environment and use of this product, as well as to comply with any regulatory requirements and any local jurisdictions. Common sense safety practices must be followed at all times. For maximum user specifications, refer to the guidelines listed on the device. Operators must always follow the ASTM practice for operation of inflatable amusement devices, currently F 2374.
1)Use only Under Adult Supervision.

2)Never leave children unattended at any time.

3)Obey precautions on product warning label at all times.

4)Keep unit away from heat and open flame at all times. Material will burn or melt )when in contact with flame or heat.

5)Children should not use this product if they have any existing medical conditions such as, but not limited to: Neck, back or joint injuries, heart problems, asthma, bronchitis, circulatory problems or other health concerns.

6)Always consult a physician if you have any concerns.

7)Ensure electrical source is safe and stable before operation.

8)Keep children away from blower.The blower is not a toy.

9)Do not insert fingers, toes, etc. into the blower, or it may cause injury.

10)Do not insert foreign objects into the blower. This will cause damage.

11) Do not bring sharp objects into play area.

12)Do not eat in play area.

13) Do not smoke in play area.

14) Users may not play on the front step.

15) Users may not play, climb or pull upon walls or safety enclosures.

16) Entrance must be kept clear of onlookers so operator has a clear view. 17) Users may not mount device during inflation.

18) Operator must incorporate use of whistles or other devices to signal misbehavior.

19) Pre-use inspection must be performed and documented before use.

20) In case of blower malfunction, tighten blower vent and evacuate play area immediately.

21) Do not use in rain, strong wind or extreme weather conditions. As a general rule, Inflatable should not be used during wind speeds over 15mph.

22) When using slides, never slide head first. Always make sure slide is clear of others before sliding.

23) Never stand up on slide platform.

24) Do not leave unit inflated or outside when not in use.Prolonged exposure to sun or strong weather will destroy fabric.

25) Avoid rough play, bodily contact, dropkicks, etc.Rough play is dangerous for children and can damage the unit.

26) Do not use in direct sun in temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Direct exposure to sun can heat surfaces to unsafe temperatures for play.


This product must be set up and supervised by an adult. Use only on grass or soft surfaces. Do not use on concrete, asphalt, etc. without padding. If needed, operator(s) of this device shall provide protective ground cover, and any crowd management devices, barriers, gates, etc. Always make sure the ground is debris-free before setup, and never drag across rough surfaces.

1)Unroll product on a suitable, dry, soft and debris-free surface.


 2)Connect blower(s) to the long inlet, and tie securely. (If your inflatable has an outlet tube, tie this shut before inflating)

 3)Anchor the blower to the ground using the stakes. Do not use the blower near water or in wet conditions (position the blower so it is away from any over spray, puddles, wet players, etc). If the blower becomes wet, discontinue use until it is dry. If your blower is equipped with a GFCI near the plug and the blower shuts off, please check the GFCI to resume power. Do not allow any players into the inflatable before it is fully inflated and anchored.

 4)Plug in and start the blower; your unit will inflate within a couple minutes. You must leave the blower running the entire time the inflatable is being used. You will hear air “breathing” out of seams and fabric. This is intentional to allow air to escape.

 5)Once inflated, anchor the inflatable product to the ground using the stakes. Never use the inflatable without anchoring it to the ground. Most inflatable injuries are caused by wind gusts. Never use your inflatable in situations where wind may affect play.



Take Down Instructions

It's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO STORE THE INFLATABLE DRY! Ensure that all the players have left play area, Remove any loose articles or debris from play area. Empty any water from water units while still inflated. Allow the unit to continue to run until thoroughly dry. Turn off, and unplug blower. Once product is fully deflated, fold&store in cool, dry area.


Important Care Instructions

In order to maximize usage, care instructions must be followed.

1)Environmental factors such as prolonged exposure to sun, water, heat or cold will destroy inflatables, so the inflatable much not be left outside when not in use.

2)Inflatables MUST be stored dry, or mold will develop and cause irreparable decay to the material. Please note this will void your warranty. Units left outside in humid environments will develop mold as well. Refrain from storing your item in airtight containers, as mold/mildew may develop.

3)Maximum weight limits must be obeyed at all times, or the unit may fail.

4)Do not use harsh chemicals to clean your inflatable. Soap and water may be used sparingly.

5)Seams and splits can be repaired utilizing a needle and strong thread(not included). The patch kit included is suitable for minor repairs.

6)To repair, deflate the product thoroughly, and ensure the surface is dry. Cut patches to sizes suitable for repair. Apply glue on both the repair patches, and the damaged surface. For large punctures and rips, the unit can be repaired using the included patch and strong thread.

7)Your InfaltableZone bouncer is designed with inner stitching and constant air flow, so the unit is still functional with small holes. If outside stitching separates, stitches can be repaired using common thread. Thanks to inner stitching, the inflatable will still work.


(Commercial Inflatables)


InflatableZone Commercial/Rental Grade Inflatables are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for Two (2) Years from date of purchase.

In order to establish eligibility, your original order number will be required. In the rare case of defect, products covered by this InflatableZone Limited Warranty will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. InflatableZone will, at its election, replace or make appropriate adjustment or repair to the product where InflatableZone inspection discloses any defects in material and workmanship occurring in normal usage within Two (2) Years after purchase. Please note that in order to expedite processing, in some circumstances it may be necessary for you to send photographs of the product for InflatableZone evaluation, or to cut off and return your product’s blower tube to InflatableZone. If return shipping of a product covered under this Limited Warranty is required, InflatableZone will pay the reasonable charges for such shipping at no cost to you. Products requiring replacement will be replaced with the same product, or a similar product of equal or greater value.


This Limited Warranty Shall Not Apply To Any InflatableZone Product:

  • Subject to misuse, whether due to intentional acts, common negligence, or accident.
  • That is not operated in accordance with the printed instructions that accompany the product.
  • That has been operated beyond the rated capacity of the product or in extreme weather conditions.
  • That has been repaired or altered by anyone other than InflatableZone.
  • Material Punctures
  • Where timely written notice of defect has not been received by InflatableZone. (see below)
  • That develops mold or mildew because it was stored wet. (IMPORTANT: It is crucial that all products and items, especially water parks,be STORED DRY. Mildew or mold may develop if stored wet and this Limited Warranty does not cover the presence of mild or mildewdue to improper care or storage.)




InflatableZone Electric Blowers are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for One (1) Year from date of purchase. In order to establish eligibility, your original order number will be required. In the rare case of defect, Blowers covered by this InflatableZone Limited Warranty will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. InflatableZone will, at its election, replace or make appropriate adjustment or repair to the Blower where InflatableZone inspection discloses any defects in material or workmanship occurring in normal usage within One (1) Year after purchase. Please note that in some circumstances it may be necessary for you to return the Blower to InflatableZone for evaluation. If return shipping of a Blower covered under this Limited Warranty is required, InflatableZone will pay the reasonable charges for such shipping at no cost to you. Electric Blower Units requiring replacement will be replaced with the same unit or a unit of equal or greater value.


Bubble House Instruction

1. Choose a suitable location for your bubble house, avoiding outdoor setup in direct sunlight or during extreme temperatures. While safety standards are still being developed, it is generally recommended to avoid temperatures of 85 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

2. When the bubble house is not in use, it is advisable to avoid keeping it powered on and fully inflated for extended periods. To alleviate pressure on the vinyl, partially open the zippers or consider using a speed controller to regulate airflow.

3. Adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines regarding the blower used for your bubble house. For standard-sized bubbles (10ft diameter), it is generally recommended not to exceed a 1HP blower.

4. Implement a standard maximum rental period to minimize the time the bubble house remains inflated, especially during outdoor setups in hot weather. Extended inflation increases internal pressure within the unit.

5. Consider having a trained bubble house attendant present at every event. Attendants can ensure guests follow safety rules, create an enjoyable party experience, and help minimize wear and tear on the unit, ultimately protecting your investment.

Remember to consult the specific instructions and safety guidelines for your bubble house to ensure proper usage and maintenance.


Water Games Instruction

Important Safety Guidelines for Water Product Use:

  1. Know the water: Understand the water conditions, including currents and hazards.

  2. Use caution and common sense: Prioritize safety and make responsible decisions.

  3. No use on dry land: This product is for water use only.

  4. Avoid night or low-light use: Limited visibility increases the risk of accidents.

  5. Follow weight and capacity limits: Stay within the recommended load and user limits.

  6. Use an approved access pad: Ensure safe entry and exit with an approved pad.

  7. For experienced swimmers: This product is suitable for proficient swimmers only.

  8. Wear life jackets: Always wear personal flotation devices (life jackets) during use.

  9. Not for children under 5: This product is not suitable for children under 5 years old.

  10. Distribute weight evenly: Uneven loads can cause the product to capsize.

  11. Secure connections: Properly connect items and eliminate gaps larger than 25mm (~3/4").

  12. Remove sharp objects: Take off rings, watches, and other sharp items before use.

  13. Check water depth and surroundings: Ensure sufficient water depth and a clear area free of rocks, sandbanks, and people.

  14. Follow minimum water depth requirements: Adhere to the recommended minimum water depth.

  15. Indoor use precautions: Maintain a safe distance from ceilings and surrounding areas in indoor swimming pools.

  16. Avoid recreational pools and obstructions: Stay away from commercial pool edges and hard obstructions.

  17. No jumping, diving, or somersaults: Landing on the head or neck can cause severe injury or death.

  18. Supervision is necessary: Always supervise product usage.

  19. Secure the product when not in use: Prevent unauthorized access by properly storing or locking the product.

  20. No swimming underneath: Never swim or go underwater beneath the product.

  21. Avoid alcohol or drugs: Do not use the product while under the influence.

  22. Anchor correctly: Ensure proper anchoring before use.

  23. Avoid adverse weather conditions: Do not use in strong winds, currents, unsettled waters, or thunderstorms.

  24. Be aware of natural risks: Avoid waters with sharks, other animals, or rocky areas.

  25. Not a rescue float: This product does not provide protection against drowning.

  26. Parental supervision required: Parents must supervise children during use.

  27. Do not use compressed air: Avoid using air compressors or compressed air for inflation.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Setting up the Mooring and Anchor System for your Inflatable-Zone product:

Open Water:

  1. Find a suitable area: Choose a location protected from wind and boat traffic. Ensure the minimum water depth requirement, safe distance from hard objects, and vertical clearance are met.
  2. Consider prevailing conditions: Take into account factors like wind, waves, and environmental conditions when positioning the product. Position it with the slide faces facing the breeze, not across it. Check the water and seabed for any sharp or dangerous objects.
  3. Keep a safe distance: Maintain a safe distance from docks, boats, boat lifts, and other structures. Never tie the product to a dock to prevent damage, injury, or death.
  4. Vertical mooring lines: Use one vertical mooring line for each anchor ring. Choose an appropriate weight anchor, ground screw, or earth anchor at the base.
  5. Anchor weight recommendations: Follow anchor weight recommendations based on average conditions. In areas with extreme weather, strong tides, currents, winds, or swell, consider using up to 50% additional weight or holding power.
  6. Install anchors and mooring lines first: Before inflating the product, ensure that anchors and mooring lines are properly installed.

Commercial Pool:

  1. Check pool requirements: Carefully check the commercial pool's specifications in advance. Confirm the minimum water depth, safe distance from hard objects (pool edge), and vertical clearance requirements. Note that most residential pools may not meet these requirements.
  2. Horizontal moorings: Use a minimum of 4 horizontal mooring lines made from heavy-duty elastic. Add additional horizontal moorings as needed for larger product groups.
  3. Attach to pool anchor eyes: Connect the horizontal moorings to pool anchor eyes, such as those used to secure lane buoy lines. Always adjust the mooring lines to keep the product(s) under tension.

Please note that these instructions are general guidelines and it is recommended to consult professional installation services for proper anchoring and mooring of your Inflatable-Zone product. Inflatable-Zone is not liable for any damage, injury, or loss resulting from improper anchoring.