Water Games Instruction

Important Safety Guidelines for Water Product Use:

  1. Know the water: Understand the water conditions, including currents and hazards.

  2. Use caution and common sense: Prioritize safety and make responsible decisions.

  3. No use on dry land: This product is for water use only.

  4. Avoid night or low-light use: Limited visibility increases the risk of accidents.

  5. Follow weight and capacity limits: Stay within the recommended load and user limits.

  6. Use an approved access pad: Ensure safe entry and exit with an approved pad.

  7. For experienced swimmers: This product is suitable for proficient swimmers only.

  8. Wear life jackets: Always wear personal flotation devices (life jackets) during use.

  9. Not for children under 5: This product is not suitable for children under 5 years old.

  10. Distribute weight evenly: Uneven loads can cause the product to capsize.

  11. Secure connections: Properly connect items and eliminate gaps larger than 25mm (~3/4").

  12. Remove sharp objects: Take off rings, watches, and other sharp items before use.

  13. Check water depth and surroundings: Ensure sufficient water depth and a clear area free of rocks, sandbanks, and people.

  14. Follow minimum water depth requirements: Adhere to the recommended minimum water depth.

  15. Indoor use precautions: Maintain a safe distance from ceilings and surrounding areas in indoor swimming pools.

  16. Avoid recreational pools and obstructions: Stay away from commercial pool edges and hard obstructions.

  17. No jumping, diving, or somersaults: Landing on the head or neck can cause severe injury or death.

  18. Supervision is necessary: Always supervise product usage.

  19. Secure the product when not in use: Prevent unauthorized access by properly storing or locking the product.

  20. No swimming underneath: Never swim or go underwater beneath the product.

  21. Avoid alcohol or drugs: Do not use the product while under the influence.

  22. Anchor correctly: Ensure proper anchoring before use.

  23. Avoid adverse weather conditions: Do not use in strong winds, currents, unsettled waters, or thunderstorms.

  24. Be aware of natural risks: Avoid waters with sharks, other animals, or rocky areas.

  25. Not a rescue float: This product does not provide protection against drowning.

  26. Parental supervision required: Parents must supervise children during use.

  27. Do not use compressed air: Avoid using air compressors or compressed air for inflation.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Setting up the Mooring and Anchor System for your Inflatable-Zone product:

Open Water:

  1. Find a suitable area: Choose a location protected from wind and boat traffic. Ensure the minimum water depth requirement, safe distance from hard objects, and vertical clearance are met.
  2. Consider prevailing conditions: Take into account factors like wind, waves, and environmental conditions when positioning the product. Position it with the slide faces facing the breeze, not across it. Check the water and seabed for any sharp or dangerous objects.
  3. Keep a safe distance: Maintain a safe distance from docks, boats, boat lifts, and other structures. Never tie the product to a dock to prevent damage, injury, or death.
  4. Vertical mooring lines: Use one vertical mooring line for each anchor ring. Choose an appropriate weight anchor, ground screw, or earth anchor at the base.
  5. Anchor weight recommendations: Follow anchor weight recommendations based on average conditions. In areas with extreme weather, strong tides, currents, winds, or swell, consider using up to 50% additional weight or holding power.
  6. Install anchors and mooring lines first: Before inflating the product, ensure that anchors and mooring lines are properly installed.

Commercial Pool:

  1. Check pool requirements: Carefully check the commercial pool's specifications in advance. Confirm the minimum water depth, safe distance from hard objects (pool edge), and vertical clearance requirements. Note that most residential pools may not meet these requirements.
  2. Horizontal moorings: Use a minimum of 4 horizontal mooring lines made from heavy-duty elastic. Add additional horizontal moorings as needed for larger product groups.
  3. Attach to pool anchor eyes: Connect the horizontal moorings to pool anchor eyes, such as those used to secure lane buoy lines. Always adjust the mooring lines to keep the product(s) under tension.

Please note that these instructions are general guidelines and it is recommended to consult professional installation services for proper anchoring and mooring of your Inflatable-Zone product. Inflatable-Zone is not liable for any damage, injury, or loss resulting from improper anchoring.